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written by: Genie Nakano



A depression sets in every October. This is the month my father died and when he passed a crater greater than the world and universe beyond scraped the pit of my stomach.

With the onset of the tenth month—warm shots of whiskey before bedtime and meditation in the morning, help me make it through the nights.

Somewhere in Seattle maple leaves glisten in gold and red but here in my shell, a deep void

the sun left
and took the summer
only the rain
and clouds
fall behind

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano loves to write. She is a journalist for Rafu Shimpo and has written 3 books of tanka and several yoga books. Tanka is a five line short poem originating in Japan over a thousand years ago. Currently she teaches, Tanka, Gentle Yoga and Meditation at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena, California. She recently moved to Gardena where she lives with her husband and two dogs. She is enjoying her new life.
Genie Nakano

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