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Ode to Edgar A. Poe

written by: Brittany L. Scott



He vanished into thin air
O! a dreary, dark night
He must've given rise to a fright
The long lasting shadow
of those raven eyes
O! dear, where has he gone?
Far too much withdrawn?
O! dear, very likely life foregone?
Hooves upon cobble quickly weave
My heart banging in my chest
Tears cascading down my cheeks
He wouldn't, he couldn't just leave
His solemn voice oftentimes uttered melancholy portrayal
Could this perchance be an act of betrayal?

Brittany L. Scott

Brittany L. Scott

My name is Brittany L. Scott. I'm currently studying acting and living in Hollywood. I've been writing since I was six and have all of my journals dating back that far. It isn't until now I've had the courage to share my poems. My acting coach encouraged me as I turned my lessons into poetry.
Brittany L. Scott

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