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written by: G.R. Weslo



I feel a wind drifting softly in the trees, it carries a sweet smell to me.
I see her smiling as she sits in the meadow, her auburn hair rising on her shoulders.
Her laughter dances on her lips framed by her smile, it brightens the lives around her.
I know of a place where the trees dance in the wind, and the barley breaks in waves, where life is pure.
I sit and imagine laying in those golden oceans with her, the air moving in its freedom.
The birds sing among the trees and on the gusts of wind that hold them.
She brings the sun with her, as if it was tethered to her smile.
Because when she smiles the world lights up, and without her it would forever be dark.
I know of a place that is saved by a woman.
I know of a man that lives for her.
They sit in the meadow swaying softly with the wind.
They sit in the golden ocean listening to the music of the birds above their heads, and the plants beneath their feet.
In this meadow there is peace.
I know of a woman that loves the meadow she sits in.
I know of a woman that loves the man that needs her.
I know of a meadow that was made beautiful by a woman and a man that was made strong by that woman.
I know of a woman that completes my life, and a world that needs her.

G.R. Weslo

G.R. Weslo

Writing is the only way I can be the crazy out of my head
G.R. Weslo

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