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Our Day

written by: M. Taggart


A suspicious encounter with my mind produced you.

Isn’t that nice.

Come- Let’s walk in the woods

On this new day

M. Taggart

M. Taggart

JUNE 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Matt was once asked, while at a bar in Ohio, where he was from. He replied, ‘I’m from mud.’ Matt roamed the farmlands, and brooks of Western, MA as a child. Matt feels Western Massachusetts is a chillingly beautiful region where creativity comes from blood. Matt is happily married to Megan, the pusher of his writing. Megan and Matt have one son who is wildly loved. In fact, Gavin has not seen one day of daycare. Matt enjoys each day with Gavin while juggling his career. Matt wouldn’t want it any other way. The small family of three live in Maine.
M. Taggart

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