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Reading the future

written by: Don Knowles



If I could read the future
I would know why I'm here right now
A placeholder or a catalyst
A cog or soul independent
With no surprise suspension
I'd be aware of everything
All intentions
Knowledge of what needs to come
How all battles won
Or lost with both the gory in betweens
Not just casting of predictions
Perhaps altering derelict decisions
Simple facts would all be post dated
I'd Prey this to be my only gift
To bend our time and form a rift
Separate all harm and grief
To spare each mortal horrors for their relief
But all that's true is here right now
No forwarding
just planning somehow
In the complexity of time
No turning back
Only reminisce and regrets
Rotation forward to what isn't yet
Grinding on this axis
To form a future of hopefulness
To twist the outcomes all to love
If I could form the future

Don Knowles

Don Knowles

My writing is typically written while I'm on a treadmill, so I call myself "the treadmill poet!"

Born in West Chester Pa in 1960 I have been inspired to begin writing again through my interactions with two people I care deeply about that are experiencing the torrents of mental illness.
Don Knowles

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