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Sandy Hook

written by: Steve Pearson



Like snowflakes fallen on virgin ground
They fell to earth and made no sound.
While heathen hand held hellish sway
Taking life and love away.

Child after child after child was slain
Then child after child after child again
The last sight such young beauty saw
Those instruments made for ugly war.

Another and another and another gone
Yet more and more and one by one
The flakes of snow had fallen still
Each glow of life cut down by ill.

To where the left and bereft fly
To seek resolve to wonder why?
Answer? The end of evil done
Is within the barrel of another gun.



The Most heinous gun massacre.

Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

JUNE 2017 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
That's me at the front of the photo. I'm an atheist, socialist, humanist, poet and soon to be novelist. From here to there and a lot of shit in the middle. That's life.
Steve Pearson

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