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Smoke Of Cigarettes

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



Though the smoke fogged all I could see,
It made me feel all I could never be;
But I was surely brought down to one knee -
And soon, three;
Harder it got for me to frivolously flee.
When all I craved was future regret,
My hurt heart spoke -
I took another smoke
From my pack of slithering cigarettes.

Now, difficult it is to mask -
The feeble attempts to complete a trying task;
I have help not from someone to ask -
So I begin to barbarically bask.
A year, maybe two months gone -
My sedated eyes woke before dawn;
With my clothes drenched in cold withdrawal sweats,
I reached for another smoke from my pack of slithering cigarettes.

Haaris Ali Waqas

Haaris Ali Waqas

My name is Haaris Ali Waqas and I am a poet. I am 16 years old and I live in Ghana West Africa. I am a Pakistani by ethnicity but I was brought up in Ghana.
Haaris Ali Waqas

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