My America written by Maxie at

My America

My America written by: Maxie @maxiethepoet   The very life of this country is infected It's fabric unraveled by hatred In My America The same nation...
Dear Wanderer, by Robbie Masso at

Dear Wanderer,

Dear Wanderer, written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   I sent her a love letter. It pierced the heart of America, it rang the Liberty Bell, blew thro...
A Great Patriot at by Anne G

A Great Patriot

A Great Patriot A Poem by Anne G A great patriot lies in wait, to face the storm of things to come. Liberty's bell rings true and strong, heralding change... Pretty Liars by Anne G

Pretty Liars

Pretty Liars Commentary by Anne G Ask yourself this question, why is it that Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are dominating the ...