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Still woven hands written by Rhaster at Spillwords.com

Still Woven Hands

Still woven hands written by: Rhaster @RHaster   Beauty, waste and wounds paints pictures, words and tunes a future with a promise a future known by name Love and whirlwinds mingle tears lashing trees in trembling ground no day without …
Long Dark Hair written by James Bell at Spillwords.com

Long Dark Hair

Long Dark Hair written by: James Bell @jbell_counsel   The wind gently cradled and carried her long dark hair Moonlight bathed her expectant body And in that moment Time and tide bowed to the deep beauty of her soul
The Well written by Ernie at Spillwords.com

The Well

The Well written by: Ernie @WayOFtheDOVE   The Beauty Of A Woman Is Much Deeper Than The Skin It's The Laughter The Love The Mercy The Kindness From Within The Makeup Will Fade The Appearance Will Trade Time Will Shape …
Overwhelming Beauty by Carolina Russo at Spillwords.com

Overwhelming Beauty

Overwhelming beauty written by: Carolina Russo @yesterdayafter1   The sunset light was approaching the soft curved hills. Evening was entering like a fierce painting in the sky. How amazing colors in a new dimension that only nature and someone above …
Beauty Teaches Me by DedHedpoet at Spillwords.com

Beauty Teaches Me

Beauty Teaches Me written by: DedHedpoet @dedhedpoet   Her beauty teaches me On delicate and curious paths Roads that I only know Ways that any man would give all he had To glimpse her beauty unfold As an origami swan …
All Is Temporary by Hemmingplay at Spillwords.com

All Is Temporary

All Is Temporary written by: Hemmingplay @hemmingplay   I’m nearly old, she said… to no one, Before the mirror, Tracing a line down her cheek With a fingertip, Lost in memory. She sighs. A chill; her soul shivers. This is …
MYSTERY written by Cristina Munoz at Spillwords.com


MYSTERY written by: Cristina Munoz @cristinamunoz8   i'm drawn to delight in seduced by seek breathe mystery wherever she may dwell love the way she shivers to life beyond hidden eyes photograph in cool black and white three long fingers …
Woods! by Shruthi Shankel at Spillwords.com


Woods! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   She is more beautiful than rain Soaking me in rare hugs & kisses Forcing me to breathe once again The raw, new-born scent of woods!
Tasha's Eyes written by Natalia Aeschliman at Spillwords.com

Tasha’s Eyes

Tasha's Eyes written by: Natalia Aeschliman @NataliaAeschlim   Early morning I look in the mirror Dark circles under my once young eyes Tired skin Yet such a beautiful sight Sun kissed by the afternoon light "There's still life inside" I …
Feathering Desire by Lyle Hutchhinson at Spillwords.com

Feathering Desire

Feathering Desire written by: Lyle Hutchinson @hutch3713   Wanting you Yes you Dear Raven Hair I'm drawn Desirous A life long spent Within Your folded wing Though I know So much as I want I dare not
Coffee by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com


Coffee written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   She came as a breath of fresh air As beautiful as Morning Glory Embraced by dew bathing Epiphanic Under a yawning sun Gentle as a breeze Her softness My hallucinogen I melt in her …