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Dreams Are Made written by Jose A. Tovar at Spillwords.com

Dreams Are Made

Dreams Are Made written by: Jose A. Tovar @LibertarianJose   Dreams are made Of that amorous intoxicating substance That pulsates from the caverns deep within my heart Throughout the web of neurons in my brain. Dreams are made Of pollinating …
The Other World by Genie Nakano at Spillwords.com

The Other World

The Other World written by: Genie Nakano @genieyogini   I was playing jump rope when it turned into a dream. . . Mother was in a back bend leaning down towards me a tiny reindeer carrying a moon on his …
My Cacophony written by Nicole Cheng at Spillwords.com

My Cacophony

My Cacophony written by: Nicole Cheng @NicoleCheng13   Here is my siren lullaby, A sound that can put me into sleep; The lovely banshees scream and cry Until I float into my dream. The ocean waves come into a roar …
Once Was written by Any1mark at Spillwords.com

Once Was

Once Was written by: Any1mark @Any1mark66   What once was Dreams danced in light Feelings run unhindered Life flowed like waterfalls My spirit cascades through run off Smiles, fertilizer of happiness Small green sprouts looking for Sun Tomorrow's dream a …
JARDÍN written by Ayamlearsi at Spillwords.com


JARDÍN written by: ayamlearsi @ayamlearsi   Que jardín es este, qué aroma es, qué tacto es. Desnuda corres en ti misma, desnuda en mi cabeza, mientras duermo.
A Narrow Way written by McColley at Spillwords.com

A Narrow Way

A narrow way written by: McColley @McCo11ey   Dreams are shifting through the night scattering all the days from sight jading all the good seeing light shadows a glisten stirring fright, for told the tales are to unfold stories of …
Lunar Love written by pushkar prabaht at Spillwords.com

Lunar Love

Lunar Love written by: pushkar prabaht @Pushkar_Prabhat   Hope, fades first; on the night, we conceive new dreams. the night, of the new moon; it begins. love awakens, from hibernation, integrating:       crescent           …
Will it? written by Aleck Solier at Spillwords.com

Will It?

Will it? written by: Aleck Solier @raving_ranting   Will these words ever reach you? Will you ever understand? That it has always been about you As if it’s been planned All those silent pleas All the prayers to the gods …
Am I Dreaming? by The Quiet Quill at Spillwords.com

Am I Dreaming?

Am I Dreaming? written by: The Quiet Quill @TheQuietQuill   Will I wake with a startle in the knowledge that you exist only in my dreams? Will I turn to hold you, to tell you I am so in love …
The Sky written by Lana Wesley at Spillwords.com

The Sky

The Sky written by: Lana Wesley @LanaWesley36   I look at the blue sky Thoughts of you are passing by I look at it and keep thinking For whom your eyes are now blinking I want to appear there At …
Emociones written by Cabecitaloca at Spillwords.com


Emociones written by: Cabecitaloca @SamuelVergara   Me enmudeces como ese grito de impotencia, Con abundante silencio que otorga tu figura, Pero a la vez, me anima a atreverme a dejar de ser un corazón pequeño, A sentir que es todo …
Shattered Dreams by Odonoko-ba at Spillwords.com

Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams written by: Odonoko-ba @odonkoba   Constantly trying to stay alive survive A time bomb waiting to explode A nuclear holocaust World war three In search of a rainbow in the sky A piece of the American pie Fishing …
Of My Poetry (I would say) by Sidonamarie at Spillwords.com

Of My Poetry (I would say)

Of My Poetry (I would say) written by: sidonamarie @sidonamarie   of my poetry I would say— the poems are the product of imaginings, dreams, and spirit— make no more or less of them read no more into the words …