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Sewn Shut written by Jenn Hope at Spillwords.com

Sewn Shut

Sewn Shut written by: Jenn Hope @Jennhope12   You sew my mouth shut, Using thick thread of lies, Unable to speak my truth, Holding in all in my feelings, Slowly my tortured soul dies, Always controlling what I should feel, …
MRT written by Esther Vincent at Spillwords.com


MRT written by: Esther Vincent @EstherVincentXM   the familiar discomfort of warm bodies packed tight; no space for intimacy as hiphop beats from a nearby headphone blasts
HIM written by Cristina Munoz at Spillwords.com


HIM written by: Cristina Munoz @cristinamunoz8   there's a hole there, deep but near, where the father should be i have a mother, even have a brother, but i don't have him never did i see the scene clearly a …
Pause written by Cristina Munoz at Spillwords.com


PAUSE written by: Cristina Munoz @cristinamunoz8   the grey phone cord tenses coiled around my fingers i pause "You don't get it Cristina. My feelings for you are far stronger, than your feelings for me." this brand of love bleeds …
Innocence by Leanne Howard Kenney at Spillwords.com


Innocence written by: Leanne Howard Kenney @neeneebucket   when they come to get me will i be alone in my room? will i have felt anything? have been conflicted? here’s what i will have told myself, here’s what i would …
The Last Night written by Ingela(saja) at Spillwords.com

The Last Night

The last night written by: Ingela(saja) @ingelasaja   That shadow that came over your face. An expression of fear and then you erased. How could I see it and not understand? I sat there just rambling when you held my hand. …
For you written by Hush Your Beak at Spillwords.com

For You

For you written by: HushYourBeak @HushYourBeak   I would drag the ocean from its depths and drown the stars to curve your smile, I would raise ten trillion galaxies from birth to death just to eke a moments laugh, Ride …
Return of a loved one by Seorin Kae at Spillwords.com

Return of a loved one

Return of a loved one written by: Seorin Kae @SeorinKae   Your return is a shock and an illusion the strange vagueness of your presence takes shape slowly forming familiar memories heartbeats of what it was what I dreamt it to …
Up and Down by Aaron McMillan at Spillwords.com

Up And Down

Up and Down written by: Aaron McMillan @poetryonthemind   Sinking away out of sight, I’m not in control, Every day I have to say goodbye, it’s not by choice, Staying above beyond my time is impossible, Can you not hear …
Insanity by Seorin Kae at Spillwords.com


Insanity written by: Seorin Kae @SeorinKae   What kind of sacrifice does it take to be worthy of love of loving someone of being loved of bearing their pain of piercing your heart in order to stay true to your heart …