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Heart to Head written by Don Knowles at Spillwords.com

Heart To Head

Heart to Head written by: Don Knowles @DonKnowles3   Please Place your hand over your heart now Now Feel the codes writing themselves inside Feel the digital dignity encoding It's the core of every secret message It's your root to …
Oh January Heart by Jan Smith at Spillwords.com

Oh January Heart

Oh January Heart written by: Jan Smith @JanSmithNL   Oh January heart Winters grip Dark & cold Bare branches stretch & sway Grey clouds pass as light fades A dull & dismal day Indoors a welcome fireside Flames roar & …
White Dress written by Nicole Cheng at Spillwords.com

White Dress

White Dress written by: Nicole Cheng @NicoleCheng13   The white light is here, The cold winter is permanent. I need someone to hold me tight, But the problem is… I am around no more. The snow is getting deeper, I …
Crying Heart written by DedHedpoet at Spillwords.com

Crying Heart

Crying Heart written by: DedHedpoet @dedhedpoet   Her heart began to cry Tears welled up Inside her chest The air had left She began to drown In the wet salty pain   ©2016 Dedhedpoet™
Her Wild Heart written by Jan Smith at Spillwords.com

Her Wild Heart

Her Wild Heart written by: Jan Smith @JanSmithNL   Her wild heart She's breathless & bold Rushing winds carry her along Where she can worship the moon find magic & extraordinary moments
REmixed written by LoverFn3 at Spillwords.com


REmixed written by: LoverFn3 @LoverFn3   My mind runs deep and heavy While my heart works and creates imaginary fears and brokenness that the mind anticipates to rehearse. So I stand sleeping And lie awake Watching the TV change channels …
He is my only need … by Stepanie Manser at Spillwords.com

He Is My Only Need …

He is my only need … written by: Stephanie Manser @SymphonyNotes   Trapped in a lone ivory tower the icy grip of abandonment choked my heart … His touch is magical … All I ever wanted … For he gripped …
6 AM written by Natalia Aeschliman at Spillwords.com

6 AM

6 AM written by: Natalia Aeschliman @NataliaAeschlim   A broken heart is born Falling apart Slowly reconstructing memories As if they represent a puzzle That will show us Exactly where we went wrong You're torn A broken heart you say? …
My Heart by Any1mark at Spillwords.com

My Heart

My Heart written by: Any1mark @Any1mark66   My heart needs to replace you. There a void left still. I stopped maintaining it. I no longer look for signs. I no longer hope for smiles. Time heals no wounds. Wounds devour …
Marionette written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com


Marionette written by: L.M.Giannone @LISAGNO   Standing back from these burning embers Ashes that once represented my life Once filled with blissful happiness Now pain cuts my soul like a knife With a great big hole in my heart A …