Infiernos, a poem written by Ibán at Spillwords.com


Infiernos written by: Ibán @ibanconbe   "¿Ves ese infierno? Pues lleva mi nombre." Bajo a mis infiernos me siento como en casa, ahí están mis d...
Solitude, a poem written by hedgehog, a retired Civil Servant, at Spillwords.com


Solitude written by: hedgehog   When all alone and in retreat I sit so quiet whilst on this seat My mind at rest as I sit and think Knowing that I am...
Private Hell, micropoetry written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

Private Hell

Private Hell written by: LadyLily @AFairymary   Apparition of my photograph… invisible me, Private Hell! Nightmares form mind trap, My crib, a perf...