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My Anchorage by Dr Santosh Bakaya at Spillwords.com

My Anchorage

My Anchorage written by: Dr Santosh Bakaya @santoshbakayamagazine   It rained and rained Ah, I felt so drained. The skeletal pines in the wind rattled Badly bruised and battled. Lo and behold, soon, the russet shadows of the evening Closed …
Sacred Nature written by Moxie McMurder at Spillwords.com

Sacred Nature

Sacred Nature written by: Moxie McMurder @MoxieMcMurder   Sacred trees hide secrets Only the sky may know With crows resting on each shoulder Seasonal spectres guide me Ghosts of summer past Full of light Give way to the dark Fire …
Overwhelming Beauty by Carolina Russo at Spillwords.com

Overwhelming Beauty

Overwhelming beauty written by: Carolina Russo @yesterdayafter1   The sunset light was approaching the soft curved hills. Evening was entering like a fierce painting in the sky. How amazing colors in a new dimension that only nature and someone above …
Comfort written by Esther Vincent at Spillwords.com


Comfort written by: Esther Vincent @EstherVincentXM   For three days now, the solitary egret has given me comfort, soothing the monotony of concrete in a field of green
THANKSGIVING by Jeffrey Cyphers Wrights at Spillwords.com


THANKSGIVING written by: Jeffrey Cyphers Wright @LiveMagNYC   On padded rabbit paws, November leaves us gifts of gold and amber. Crimson, damson, saffron, and plum. The hawthorn glows—a candelabrum, its tips with topaz jets lit. Scarlet pin oaks bleed into …
Ode to a Dead Racoon by S.K. Clarke at Spillwords.com

Ode To A Dead Racoon

Ode to a Dead Racoon written by: S.K. Clarke @skcwriter   O, your body fills me with such sadness, Black claw raking the evening air, Your face, nature’s clever mask, Your eyes locked in dead stare. If there’s divine providence …
A meadow split so well by Michael Shea at Spillwords.com

A Meadow Split So Well

A meadow split so well written by: Michael Shea @calmsbehaviour   A meadow split. Small brown bird flits spasmodically through the grass, hidden like hunting lions, and bobbing into view briefly to plummet again like a wind afflicted arrow. The …
Westward towards love by Don Knowles at Spillwords.com

Westward Towards Love

Westward towards love written by: Don Knowles @DonKnowles3   Westward to foothills of the Appalachians Cross the mile makers off one by one Each vista encompasses our journey Serenely whispering Love is the best way Through the respirating tree tops …
Bedtime written by Ricky Hawthorne at Spillwords.com


Bedtime written by: Ricky Hawthorne @searsjames   I came here tonight to watch the Malverns sleep Bedded down on long, still warm grass, I gazed Across the vale as cool silken sheets of fog were Drawn over her darkening shoulders …
El Visitante written by Romulaizer Pardo at Spillwords.com

El Visitante

El Visitante written by: Romulaizer Pardo @RomulaizerPardo   Del día un abrir la vista y los sentidos. Llegaste, salto y horizonte encima del tedio cotidiano. Abierta la señal infinita de la vida, golpeaste nuestra cocina y fuiste regalo y asombro. …
He Who Scares the Birds by Charles B. Cross at Spillwords.com

He Who Scares the Birds

He Who Scares the Birds written by: Charles B. Cross @ifisettledown   Pecking cheeks upon slates and Puffing chests to conjure mates, Dropping and bathing without Shame, feather'd features loud and Wing'd Mother's proud of intricate Ways to feed the …
spillwords.com Stardust by Anne G


Stardust written by: Anne G @TheInkTruth   A creature of nature descendant of space created of Stardust energy and heat Innocuous inception ovum and sperm seedling developed conception and birth Consciousness forged with divinity's spark earthy immortal of human design …