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Moon Flower by Anahit Arustamyan at Spillwords.com

Moon Flower

MOON FLOWER written by: Anahit Arustamyan @anonarnune20141   You call me moon flower. Yes, sir, the moon appears in my soul's shower. There is a clock on a big tower. It counts my steps with its power. Yes, sir, the …
A Moment In Time written by Kia Jones at Spillwords.com

A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time written by: Kia Jones @CYSMbyKia   A moment in time, I'm sure you'll understand, When time falls away and you question the plan. You think about things on a level so deep, And the answers evade …
AZOTEA written by ayamlearsi at Spillwords.com


AZOTEA written by: ayamlearsi @ayamlearsi   ¿Por qué tarda tanto en llegar la noche? tantas, tantas, tantas cosas, y yo con ganas de nada… suspirar, abrir los ojos, repasar los pasos, darse cuenta que no hay salida, disparar y volarse …
Pensamientos al Aire II by Paola at Spillwords.com

Pensamientos Al Aire II

Pensamientos al Aire II written by: Paola @deylis_p   Marchémonos ¿si? Marchémonos a un mundo de canciones. Donde la melodía toque nuestras almas y libere nuestras mentes. Donde el tiempo es aliado y nadie vive del pasado. Donde los recuerdos …
MY THOUGHTS written by Stanley Wilkin at Spillwords.com


MY THOUGHTS written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   My thoughts are like clouds Drifting slowly, My thoughts are like fire Burning fiercely, My thoughts are like air Invisible but life-giving; My thoughts are mine.
Something to Wait For written by Rebecca Lombardo at Spillwords.com

Something To Wait For

Something to Wait For written by: Rebecca Lombardo @BekaLombardo   Reaching out for something more Before my mind shuts this door Until my soul lingers for more I’ll keep the faith that fills every pore Why can’t I take this …
Lead, a poem written by Stan at Spillwords.com


Lead written by: Stan @StanTheGoodKid   A wise person said, "Never let things bottle up on the inside", That's what I tell myself whenever I go to bed, Where my body and soul reside, The fear of being just another …
Crippling Thoughts by Leanne Howard Kenney at Spillwords.com

Crippling Thoughts

Crippling Thoughts written by: Leanne Howard Kenney @neeneebucket   held within The pages bound My thoughts, my words herein Abound Cheers, jeers, fears and tears my soul laid bare On the state of my affairs My heart in disrepair Loves …
The Commute written by Gavin Haycock at Spillwords.com

The Commute

The Commute written by: Gavin Haycock @poetry_pieces   It begins where it ends incomplete, refracted broken, separately united as everything is when time ripens like an apple's short journey sighing in the eye of silence skin bends with the passing …
What is Love? written by Selena G. at Spillwords.com

What Is Love?

What is Love? written by: Selena G. @selenaangel1011   Love is not something you can mess around with. Love is not something you can say to someone and let it go. Love is not to be played with. Love can …
I'm just tired, I guess by Austin Potter at Spillwords.com

I’m Just Tired, I Guess

I'm just tired, I guess written by: Austin Potter @tapesandtubes   Late at night, he'd think about himself and his behavior when he was younger. Was there something that he’d forgotten? It seemed that every time he’d think back on …
Will it? written by Aleck Solier at Spillwords.com

Will It?

Will it? written by: Aleck Solier @raving_ranting   Will these words ever reach you? Will you ever understand? That it has always been about you As if it’s been planned All those silent pleas All the prayers to the gods …