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TIME/PASSION written by Stanley Wilkin at Spillwords.com


TIME/PASSION written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   What did the old man say as he walked into the yard? Can you remember his expression, was his face red? Was his voice, usually so soft, ripped through with the hacking sounds …
A Moment In Time written by Kia Jones at Spillwords.com

A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time written by: Kia Jones @CYSMbyKia   A moment in time, I'm sure you'll understand, When time falls away and you question the plan. You think about things on a level so deep, And the answers evade …
Time written by Cornelia Paun Heinzel at Spillwords.com


Time written by: Cornelia Paun Heinzel   Every moment has its own meaning, significance, For me, for you, for him. In every moment there is an action important For me, for you, for him. Time is always crucial, For me, …
This skimming light by Hanno Cramer at Spillwords.com

This skimming light

This skimming light written by: Hanno Cramer @hannocramer   I went for a walk in the late afternoon low sunbeams loved the far horizon a touch of rain was left and every touch a marker of recent written history I …
Could You written by Honey Pot at Spillwords.com

Could You

Could You written by: Honey Pot @ErosVerse   Could you be love's paragon A weird and pretty flower Descended rainbow lights To inner beauty stir Awaken those in slumber Inject with new insight Could you be love's letter Piercing scales …
Slipping Away written by TJ Brooks at Spillwords.com

Slipping Away

Slipping Away written by: TJ Brooks @TJBrooks121   I feel you slipping away One by one Leaving me with memories time threatens to steal Soon I will be talking to myself Like I did before When I warned the girl …
Abovo written by Husain Abdulhay at Spillwords.com


Abovo written by: Husain Abdulhay   Midday in the midst of tiffin Porridge a soupcon, with muffin The doorbell is giving out loud rings An unsolicited wide-open missive Telling of a pink slip A stiff upper lip, placid Curving from …
Ol'Father Time written by Josie Dee at Spillwords.com

Ol’Father Time

Ol'Father Time written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   It's a rhythm, a beat, a subtle intrusion, It's permanent, present and an illusion. Whether silent or shouting, time speaks in my tongue, If you're watching or not it's a siren's song …
DANCING IN TIME! written by Stanley Wilkin at Spillwords.com


DANCING IN TIME! written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Intense and distant, the sun Slid imperceptibly upward through the yellowing sky As the ships powered across the water Oars cutting into the waves. Like a crumbling sentinel, on the cragged …
Testimony written by G.R. Weslo at Spillwords.com


Testimony written by: G.R. Weslo   Three stone pillars stretch to a Sun Blinding them as it shines Always seeing what was They never can see what will As they witness They crumble They fight but one enemy Time
Standing on the Edge by Hemmingplay at Spillwords.com

Standing on the Edge

Standing on the Edge written by: Hemmingplay @hemmingplay   The nights have gone cool, the days not as warm. Sundown slips backward, Dawn awakes later, shivering ...by minutes, Does it think we don't notice? The summer has been rainy, more …
TIME CLIMBS UP AND DOWN by Anahit Arustamyan at Spillwords.com


TIME CLIMBS UP AND DOWN written by: Anahit Arustamyan @anonarnune20141   I talked to the wind through the autumn leaves. The leaves don't know where time creeps. Time is never back but where it sits. No winds know where time …