Smile written by thePoeticpiper at Spillwords.com


Smile written by: thePoeticpiper @thePoeticpiper   Smile young one smile Be happy amongst your loved ones Even when caged in away from the world O...
SUEÑO written by ayamlearsi at Spillwords.com


SUEÑO written by: ayamlearsi @ayamlearsi   Soñe ser Zeus y tú ninfa, ser Shiva y tú Párvati, soñe ser “El Que Soy” y no te deseé más... te olvide e...
Shadows Of Time written by Shade at Spillwords.com

Shadows Of Time

Shadows Of Time written by: Shade @Ishan_Faragh   Eloquent shadows of time with their whispers linger Like the clouds in the monsoon sky they linger ...