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The Well written by Ernie at Spillwords.com

The Well

The Well written by: Ernie @WayOFtheDOVE   The Beauty Of A Woman Is Much Deeper Than The Skin It's The Laughter The Love The Mercy The Kindness From Within The Makeup Will Fade The Appearance Will Trade Time Will Shape …
The Woman written by Jecht Fair at Spillwords.com

The Woman

The Woman written by: Jecht Fair @jechtfair   When she walks in, through a door of broken wonder, fates strings snap, they are torn asunder. So if i wonder, wherever you are now, no longer beyond the night, stalking our …
Beauty Teaches Me by DedHedpoet at Spillwords.com

Beauty Teaches Me

Beauty Teaches Me written by: DedHedpoet @dedhedpoet   Her beauty teaches me On delicate and curious paths Roads that I only know Ways that any man would give all he had To glimpse her beauty unfold As an origami swan …
TransMulher written by Léa Ferro at Spillwords.com


TransMulher written by: Léa Ferro @leaferro   Cada átomo De sua existência Indelével Faz composição amorosa Com o verso feminino. É mais que uma Perfeita obra de arte. É a essência Irrefutável Que transgride a poesia De ser mulher.
A Pound of Cure by Maryanne Frederick at Spillwords.com

A Pound Of Cure

A Pound of Cure written by: Maryanne Frederick @MAFAuthor   A woman is never the same When a man leaves her- It shows on her body. She either gains weight Or loses it. As if each pound And every ounce …
Slowly written by Hemmingplay at Spillwords.com


Slowly written by: Hemmingplay @hemmingplay   Move slowly, pin me With warm curves and desire. Swallow me with liquid fire. Then I shall coax from you, In good time, a wordless prayer To the happy generosity of the gods.   …
Beautiful Moroccan by Stanley Wilkin at Spillwords.com

Beautiful Moroccan

BEAUTIFUL MOROCCAN written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Dressed in black, dark eyes amused She strolls into a room With the specialised tread Of a femme fatale, Tossing her streaming hair in arrogant joy. Her perfect body Contains the calm …
Gone In 30 Seconds by Lyle Hutchinson at Spillwords.com

Gone In 30 Seconds

Gone In 30 Seconds written by: Lyle Hutchinson @hutch3713   She tasted Of strawberry Alcohol sharpness Her lips full Smooth Made me hungry To taste her more Her waistline Rolling into hip Perfection I've lost my breath In her And …
Woman in chains by Donna Africa at Spillwords.com

Woman In Chains

Woman in chains written by: Donna Africa @DonnaAfrica   Shackled, cloaked & veiled is she Shrouded & weighed down in her heavy raven coloured cloak is she Woman in chains Of which has been created designed & she is enforced …
A Goodbye, Broken written by Josie Dee at Spillwords.com

A Goodbye, Broken

A Goodbye, Broken written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   As she gazes into her eyes can she see the pain, Will she see the shadows, will she see the shame, She can see the love, she can see the light, …