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Ghostwriter by Denise Rivera at Spillwords.com


Ghostwriter written by: Denise Rivera @dbirdsoprano   The perfect punctuation.  The phrasing. The pen is in the hands of a master. She knows what to emphasize.  She builds the height of a phrase and lets it fall gently, as a …
IMAGINATION written by La Fata Morgana at Spillwords.com


IMAGINATION written by: La Fata Morgana @lafatamorgana_   What kind of human allegory are we looking for? This is just a Fiction. This is what imagination looks like after something that took years of desire and waiting but never showed …
Pros of Prose written by Rob Clark at Spillwords.com

Pros Of Prose

Pros of Prose written by: Rob Clark @oldschoolrob197   My Poetry ????? ...well, it's... Raw emotion - Its Inscripted Description Revealing healing scars and a bleeding heart Yet still, Full of a Will yielding endless skies spilling stars into wishes.... …