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Take Me Down to The Ball Game

written by: TM Arko


Take me down to the ball game
To watch the millionaires play
While bullets fly on a battlefield
Where real heroes are killed everyday
Take me down to the ball game
For overpriced hot dogs and beer
While blood runs through the hills of Afghanistan
The chosen - few will play games for a cheer
Dressed in their Sunday battle garb
Paid for by you and me
They run for the elite slave-owners
Who sell couch potato dreams on T.V.
Take me down to the ball game
Where the quixotic players worship
In the temples of greed
And the spectators with starving children
Spend their last dime on a T-shirt they need
It is the land of the free so speak your mind
We all want injustice to leave
It is not what is seen by the camera
The unseen is what we want to believe
Take me down to the ball game
Another wounded soldier sitting next to you
When it is time
And the music starts to chime
I’ll stand for the red, white and blue
Yes my friend
I’ll stand for the red, white and blue



Hypocrisy speaks volumes.

TM Arko

TM Arko

I live in the Pacific Northwest. A small community with farms and antique shops. Lots of rivers and lakes and these are some of the themes I like. I am a technical writer by trade so poetry offers me an escape from the more mundane industrial articles I work on day to day. I love music and am a classic rock fanatic. Love good books and stories too.
TM Arko

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