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written by: Ayushman Jamwal



All I remember is the green of your eyes,
A storyteller's canvas of a limitless sky,
Memories of awe and wonder, yet too distant,
I witnessed you perish, your zeal disappear,
I could not shed a tear.

I hold your words in my home,
The world calls it the greatest poem,
I yearn to find you between the lines,
As the verses dance in my mind,
I see a broken soul struggling to be kind.

You talk of family and love's eternal birds,
I see darkness and fear in your words,
Yet, an ungodly conviction tethered your heart,
You knew fate was fickle, but she felt like a boon,
You crumbled as she was taken too soon.

No faith in love, only its bane,
No bottle or smoke could end the pain,
Your children's devotion could not fill the hole,
Their love remains pure, but wasn't enough,
You weren't alone, you wallowed in your tragic bluff.

Vigour in the pen, but the passion slowly faded,
No muse in the black, the thirst abandoned, unsated,
You corralled new souls for a new start,
But a soulmate's spectre is too cruel a ploy,
You courted death when surrounded by joy.

I finish the tale of no hero, just a Man,
Journey of a delicate heart without a plan,
May you find peace in another life,
You may have seen love with a heretic's gaze,
I will have more faith in its grace.

I will have more faith in its grace.

Ayushman Jamwal

Ayushman Jamwal

Ayushman Jamwal is a 27-year-old journalist based in New Delhi. He is a Senior News Editor at CNN-News18. Ayushman is a graduate of the Cardiff School of Journalism, United Kingdom and started writing poetry when he was a student at the Doon School in Dehradun. He lives with his parents, younger brother, grandmother and dog Leo.
Ayushman Jamwal

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