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The Ecstasy of One

written by: Bob Jensen



Dawn is never tentative nor timid

Nor commiserate to those

Who dread its light

It illuminates the evil and the good

The fearful and the brave

And sends its lush rains

To the meadows of the just and the unholy

Without prejudice or favour

It does not possess an ear

To hear the prayer of the afflicted

Nor a heart to feel the terror

Of its first encroaching rays

Upon those who taste its hunger

Or receive its burning sky

Nor will dawn be rushed to climax

By those who seeks its beauty

For the sake of the impatient

Or the fumbling hand of chastity

The first faint rays will pulsate softly

Through the swollen thunderheads

And slowly build towards

A symphonic crescendo of light

Erupting on the naked horizon

In an atmospheric coupling

That will leave the voyeur trembling

On the shores of mother ocean

On the shores of the new morning

On the shores of eternity

And of the artistry of God

To the young the summer days will linger

Timeless love in dappled orchards

Salty afternoons

On August’s endless shores

Cotton battened bluster

On a cobalt shattered sky

Aching with the fervent love of union

And a visceral awareness

The ecstasy of one

Eternal to those who are lost

In its sensual embrace

Consumed like moths in its conjugal flame

Drawn to the rim of that shining cup

On one side the abyss

On the other

The ecstasy of one

Outside of time

Immune to the setting sun

Surrounded by eternity

On all sides

Open ended to the tiniest of minds

The immaculate conception

Of the unlearned

Faith and eternity


Held by the smallest hand

Tight and warm and sticky

Clutched not with trepidation

But with reckless abandon

Days without end

Dreams without waking

Waves that are unbroken

Tides that never fall

Flight like the albatross

Who never touches down

Stand and face the sun

Open the palms of your hands

And accept nothing

But the warm rays upon your skin

The fragrant breeze inside your nostrils

The fervent love of union

The ecstasy of one

Accept everything

That you can change

And cannot change

That you love

And that you hate

Deny the setting sun

For the warm rays on your face

Bind you to it

And you may impede its orbit

With cables of desire

With the fervent love of union

And the ecstasy of one



Re-publication (originally published 7/3/16)

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen has been writing poetry, music and prose his whole life.
He currently resides in Prince Edward Island, Canada where he works as a booking agent for folk musicians from around the world.
His award winning novel, The Matchbox Funeral, is available on Amazon.
Bob Jensen

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