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written by: Cash



To wake up and see you beside me would be a dream come true,
Stare at ya pretty face all night long
Keep on telling you how beautiful you are
You would be mine to time indefinite

Fame and Power mean nothing to me
Far more than they you are to me
Every reason you need to love me I would give
Just look at us, battling it out with our love at hand

Every road under the sun I've taken
Every mistake I've made led me right here
Tell me it's wrong and I'd show you it's real
They all keep wondering who you are
If only they knew...
Only if they knew who you are...

Until the sun and the moon are no more,
Then my love for you would be laid bare in war.
No more would there be two of us
For our love wouldn't be built on lust

Real love would it be...
The kind not like any other
I say thank you for making me feel like I do



I am 20 years old. I studied literature for a few years but never thought of writing. I am a computer Hardware engineer and currently studying Software engineering. I recently started writing poems and poetry, and I really enjoy it. And now I ain't ending.

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