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The Skin I’m In

written by: Christine E. Ray



I am not easy in this skin

this ill-fitting suit of normalcy

sags in some places

is too tight in others

it chafes

rubs me raw

Soon others will notice

that I am only playing

at human

My demon claws

red eyes

shimmering scales

sharp horns

barely concealed

by this guise

The simmering rage

is starting to blister

the rubbery bottoms of my fake feet

Pray there are no witnesses

when the suit bubbles off

in long strips

and truth is revealed


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Christine E. Ray

Christine E. Ray

Christine E. Ray is an indie author and freelance editor who lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the creator of the blog Brave and Reckless and Managing Editor of The Sudden Denouement Literary Collective (Blood Into Ink, Sudden Denouement, Sudden Denouement Publishing, & Whisper and the Roar) as well as Indie Blu(e). Her writing has been featured on SpillWords, fēlan poetry & visual zine, Nicholas Gagnier’s Swear to Me (2017), and his upcoming collection, All the Lonely People. Christine’s first book of poetry, Composition of a Woman, was published by Sudden Denouement Publishing in July of 2018. Her second book of poetry, The Myths of Girlhood, is scheduled for release later this year.
Christine E. Ray

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