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The Verdant Euphony

written by: Sonny Temblor



The smell of shelves / the stark intunes / the enthralling aroma / of paged books.
It gave me frisson / abducted soul / my mind and heart / in splendid bold.
I strode the world / where I dissolved / the inhibitions / that I evoked.
Here I am / in the verge of unknown / dancing in spade / fiddled by moan.

Is this the fruit of melancholy? / Where I stand so blind / no guilt involved.
The filthy pages / which tainted my vision / I lost myself / in an artful fervor.
Smitten so high / manicure of vibration / the capstone climax / through soaking covers.
Disenchanting colors / of palms no immaculate / the silk implants / in every fondle.

The following chapters / are searing like embers / I played in sync / and deaf was drawn.
I cast a stare / on the mocking wall / where figment of beauty / intensified my Venus.
The battlefield of race / where I sprint my route / sole in competition / to haven pew.
Coaxing crystal intention / of self intoxication / am I a sinner? / for the indulgence I shower.

Why am I fueled / by this sheer book? / transcended myself / to the cosmic undefined.
This meadow of green tulips / euphoria so close / uncorked thy seed / convulsion to savor.
My confinement was aghast / struck and bewildered / this glorious fixation / an eternal call.
De novo of deja vu / I smelled the paged books / holy creed of image coition / I'll embarked anew.



This is one of the most personal poems I've ever written.

Sonny Temblor

Sonny Temblor

I am a content specialist who has a strong penchant in literary works especially in poetry. My body of work is an output of my kaleidoscopic imagination.
Sonny Temblor

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