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This Earth Opened, Again

written by: Casimir Wojciech



at the edge of the arroyo, i hear a coyote howling
he sleeps under a cactus and awakens
with the moon silvering breaths
of light thru the cocaine hands of grey clouds

he asks me to join in on his song
water is cool on the back of my throat
my body erupts in a mountain of smoke and i agree.
yes, tonight we are windows wetting these ashes

how can an empty sky sharpen a mountain
how can these days turn to years,
how can we celebrate this distance
this flower falling back to its seed
this dance of death

this thirst—the desert claiming dominion

tonight we save ourselves

Casimir Wojciech

Casimir Wojciech

Casimir Wojciech is an internationally published poet. Originally from Northern California, he lives and works in the Arizona desert on the U.S.-Mexican border tending to grapefruit trees, writing and looking after his dog, Archie.
Casimir Wojciech

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