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This Is Your Temple

written by: Bob Jensen


performed by: Black Umfolosi



I saw a white stone room

Antiquitous, immaculate

With neither scent nor sound

In its centre

An untroubled pool

With a marbled fountain

of unbridled holiness

reaching up Into the boundless heavens

Where the eye of God looked down

Untouchable, irresistible

To look upon it, redemption

To touch the fleeting hem of Emmanuel

This is your temple

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen has been writing poetry, music and prose his whole life.
He currently resides in Prince Edward Island, Canada where he works as a booking agent for folk musicians from around the world.
His award winning novel, The Matchbox Funeral, is available on Amazon.
Bob Jensen

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Black Umfolosi

Black Umfolosi

Black Umfolosi was formed in 1982 by school friends in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, naming themselves after the Umfolosi Omnyama River in South Africa, where they trace their ancestry.
They have become a legend in southern Africa
and have performed thousands of shows in Australia, Europe and North America as well as on the African continent.
The group's trademark is a capella harmony and they use no instrumentation whatsoever.
Black Umfolosi

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