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tick tock

written by: Genie Nakano



a storm
knocked out all lights
sitting in darkness
the soothing sound
of a clock ticking

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano

I was born in Boyle Heights, CA. known as the barrios of East L.A. I am a journalist for The Rafu Shimpo and have written three books of Haiku and Tanka. My latest is "Colorful Lives" a tanka and adult coloring book. Tanka, the elder elegant sister of haiku, is my favorite form of writing it keeps me succinct and musical at the same time. After all..tanka means "short Song".
I was a professional dancer and photographer for many years. Currently I teach Yoga and tanka at the Japanese Cultural Institute In Gardena, CA.
Genie Nakano

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