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written by: Leanne Neill



I'm not of this world, though I don't rise above.
Can't quite commit to the pretentious set;
let alone settle for mediocrity.
Neither the funds nor the composition, either way.
I'm on a trampoline bounding between purgatorial
highs and lows.
A trapeze artist bluffing balance of the fine wire;
in reality they are wide and slippery with the grease
of convention.
So I slip and I slide, waiting for my circus to arrive.
Knowing full well even then, I've not the courage to run.

Leanne Neill

Leanne Neill

Leanne Neill is a self-titled Composer of Words, company director, domestic goddess and mother of three. Her Facebook page LUST for WORDS was initiated in May 2016 to showcase her passion for poetry, micro-poetry and flair for artistic design. She is soon to be published in two forthcoming American poetry anthologies. Leanne lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Leanne Neill

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