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written by: Fallen Engel



Evanescent on barren waste land, spores jaunt the elements, flesh of the Gods destroys our fathomless fears. Sorrow with no tomorrow, I've dreamed the last dream as my sad spirit danced with the arcane trees. The undulating rain has stopped to a drip like so many men's lifetimes before me, the horizon seems to slip. Alas, the ravens are here to lead me the way through the astral blood layered with brickwork of obsidian. The hallowed ground is covered in blackness and pitch. Blind the eyes ice with snowdrifts that shine so brightly, sons of winter fuel the cold disease. This realm is littered by decay, is this the immortal life I am to begin? Under the sleeping stars their orbits are filled with freezing colors, I have devoured their stardust to exist. Aaaah, such a quest as my feeble mind turns blank. Oh, how the cosmic battle treads everywhere while this tomhet I have endured, walking the Elysian fields with one wing dipped in blood and the other flagellating in the solar wind.

Fallen Engel

Fallen Engel

Who am I on this path but a fallen angel in the shadows of the night...
Fallen Engel

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