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Touch Free

written by: Jazzcat


In theory, state-of-art technology
detects your hands with sensor
to release one measured shot of lather.
Like a young and faithful spouse this attractive,
high performance, counter mount dispenser
puts out reliably and freely (many times before
it needs attention) ample metered doses of
luxurious ejaculate. To activate
just wave your hand for
perfect handwash magic.

In practice, in museum’s powder room,
old sensor’s eye goes roving.
Nothing happens when you move your hands
to beckon soap. But touch-free motion
merely in vicinity of spigot (calibrated not
to waste a single drop of cleansing rinse)
causes precious foam to shoot robotically,
repeatedly, and, useless as an aged philanderer,
trickling its fluid down the drain.



Catherine A. Lee began exploring poetry as a percussive voice with jazz musicians at a loft space/nonprofit she founded and ran in Boston (1978). These days, from San Antonio TX and Asheville NC, Lee writes, sits in “on poem” at jam sessions, reads at open poetry events, and creates multimedia poetry pieces archived on Soundcloud and VIMEO. Lee also blogs about notable musical/poetic collaborations on her Facebook page, Jazz Ovation Inn, and has produced radio specials about jazz poetry and several artist handmade, signed, numbered, limited edition chapbooks augmented with music.

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