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written by: mdtaslim


Words have limitations
Words can never express feelings
I can still feel
The first touch of your palm
Its softness and warmth
Beyond any words
I can still feel
The warmth and fragrance of your body
When I placed my hand on your shoulder
It is beyond any words
I can still feel
The touch of your slender waist
It was something heavenly
When you whispered
Leave me
It is beyond any words
Do you remember when?
I held your face in palms
Kissed your hot moist lips
It is still alive in me
It is beyond any words
I can still feel
The fragrance of your silky hair
Softness and warmth of
You, melting in my arms
When I held you from
Behind for the first time
Those moments are still alive
Words cannot express it.





A Mining Engineer and Law graduate from Supaul, Bihar, India.
Life is a beautiful journey. It is like a sugar in a cup of tea or coffee. Sweetness is nothing but an individual's choice.

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