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11.11 Level Obsession

11.11 Level Obsession

written by: Cristina Munoz



i was addicted
to the high sizzling feeling
of light attraction,
not yet reaching
11.11 level obsession,
until i met you.

one shared stare,
a husky compliment,
following a curved smile,
all it took to have you
dancing close, so close.
we didn’t stand a chance,
unable to resist the pull
crossing invisible lines
i didn’t know i could

now you’ve moved
into my mind
linger wherever i go,
in each corner
of every thought,
all over me at night,
disturbing my sleep,
scorching my dreams,
i haven’t known a fear
quite like this…

…only after
owning my mouth,
as your firm fingers
eased back my hair,
while your hands held
my exposed face,
leaning into my waist,
taking in your breath
kissing tender my lips,
i felt you settling
deep below my skin.

11.11 level obsession
you’ve made a believer
in “love at first sight”
out of me.

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