2:30 AM, written by Pranjal Srivastava at Spillwords.com

2:30 AM

2:30 AM

written by: Pranjal Srivastava


In the middle of the night, he was awake like an owl
Nothing could help him, nothing could calm down the thunderstorms inside his head
He was drenched in sweat, sweat made of his own fears and worries
He was restless!

Restless like never before, the time stood still in this ever-moving world
He was losing himself, drowning in his own thoughts
Hyperventilated, he screamed as loud as he could
As always, nothing came out of his mouth
He was again screeching inside his own head.

It started from somewhere near his heart and began to spread throughout his body
“What is happening to me?”
He asked himself as tears started rolling down his cheeks.
He tried walking, but restlessness followed him everywhere like a parasite
His darkest fears started conquering his mind
He got more scared than ever.

The boy did not lose hope even then
He kept on fighting, but nothing could help him that night
Anger and hatred kept on substituting all the other emotions
He fell into the conspiracy of his own mind
The night was getting darker and he was burning in the flames of restlessness
He was looking for his savior, but no one came
The boy did not lose all of it
But he lost his peace
Just when he was about to give in to his own fears and restlessness
He stood up again and fought for his own redemption

The night ended, and the wounded soldier won
He celebrated as restlessness giggled at him
Anger and hatred were just playing around with him
Trying to see if he had any savior
He had none!
Fear just wanted to determine his strength,
And restlessness, itself, was just revisiting him like an old, forgotten friend
But the boy did not know any of this
It was just the beginning
The war was yet to come!

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