A Blank Calendar, poem written by Susanne Thomas at Spillwords.com

A Blank Calendar

A Blank Calendar

written by: Susanne Thomas



The promise in a fresh calendar
Empty boxes and lines unwritten
Things that can be done
Before you etch the things that must be done
I adore it
That empty canvas
Where I can paint my life
And dream of what may be
The words I could write
The walks I could take
The coffees I could chat over with you
The calls I could make to you
It’s all open
possible until I make that first mark
That first birthday I can’t forget
Dental visits that must happen
School events we have to remember
Squeezing out the open possibilities
Stealing away the chances
Snaking in before the dreams
So I think first I’ll sketch in my hopes
Block the time for writing here
Mark down the day for hiking there
I’ll even doodle a flower, reminding myself to find some for smelling
And I’ll carve out the coffee time
sketch in the phone calls to you
make those come first over the real life
Because it is, after all, the real life too
And I need more than just clean teeth, work, and birthdays

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