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A Blossoming

written by: Aurélien Thomas


Do you know
that my heart was a barren land
scorched by drought, a desert?
A place for dirt and quicksand.
Unbeaten. Drained. Inert.

Do you know
that you were my sun? And water? And my need?
That you tore through it all, in earnest?
That now my heart is a seed,
unlocked, for a thousand crops to harvest?

Do you know?

Aurélien Thomas

Aurélien Thomas

I am a Frenchman who, for whatever still unclear reasons, ended up living in London. 🙂
I believe poetry to be about musicality; that it should engage our emotions and experiences through powerful and creative images. I get inspired mostly by music, my cyclothymic moods, and the most amazing wife ever who, very conveniently, happens to be mine. 🙂
I am currently working on releasing 'A Vow', a whimsy collection of love poems. Some extracts have appeared in various international publications; two were the object of a column in Writing Magazine; and one won third place in the Momaya Press Poetry Competition 2018, and so was published alongside another one (runner up) in their subsequent anthology ('Poetry Review 2018 -Love', Momaya Press).
If you believe in luuuve… Check me out! 🙂
Aurélien Thomas

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