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A Bowl Of Blueberries

written by: Ipsita Paul


Yesterday was about the fresh warmth among his sweaty fingers. Today is all about a bowl of blueberries.
The most oft-repeated trouble of all the philosophers since the beginning of civilization has been in defining the sugar-coated synonyms of positivity. The adrenalin rush that pushes you over the edge to embrace life with all its dubious complexities and less-bothered nothings. The wine glasses clinking and a rain of booze dripping from one side of the glass. Alcoholic glee bragging about wounds from knives and daggers of life. The taste of contentment offered in a chasm since the dawn. Wine or wine glasses? Booze or its lousy fashion? Which one carries bliss in its ivory pocket?
Yesterday was about the sound of rain monitored on the dashboard of heartbeats. Today is all about a bucket of blueberries.
Here’s another peek at the realm of happiness. Imagine a group of masons working on the hungry buildings against the orange sky. Ladders beneath their messy breaths, cement climbing up their spines like a reptile. A tornado of dust, unravelling the poor workers’ fate anticlockwise. And suddenly a twinge of rain brings a long-distance conference call from the emerging scuttle of a downpour. Before you know it, the whole town is running after some unseen devil. Yet the poor masons are still shinning up the slippery ladders; moist eyes still fixed on the synchronized bricks after bricks. You, on the other hand, are tasting the rain-soaked grille against your cheek, romanticizing about the workers’ ill-fate. Then you notice the workers’ feet are tap-dancing at their own laughter and singing in the rain some folk song long due from their country house. And that’s happiness, unfeigned and newly born. The background of a photograph; not always on focus. Yet always stays within the frame of life. Sometimes the key is to obscure yourself to let the background come to life.
The third bell at a theatre, the oozing smell from wooden boats, the La La Land of the Milky Way where Jane Austen enlivens her creations with a musical clap-take your pick!
Yesterday was about losing your grip on yourself by racing with highway wind. Today is all about a bowl of blueberries.

Ipsita Paul

Ipsita Paul

I'm Ipsita Paul, currently living in India. A budding writer willing to make a difference. Filling my canvas with words since forever.
Ipsita Paul

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