A Brand New Day, a poem by Bruce Levine at Spillwords.com
Michael Niessl

A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

written by: Bruce Levine



Passing days as winter sets in
Diminishing light toward the Winter Solstice
Slushy snow covers unforgiving ground
As the calendar ticks off another day in December

Seasonal settings of holly and evergreens
Mixed with aromas of bayberry and sage
Left over memories of childhood days forgotten
As an orange colored sunrise reflects on frozen land

Time for reinventing with each ribbon festooning
New memories to put in the pocket
Of life’s evolving entries in the years that lie ahead

As the shortening days elongate
And the mixture of the seasons
Casts a new refrain for singing
A divertissement in time

And the passing days as winter sets in
Recollects the golden shadows of days not long ago
In memories parsed in sunlight refracting through a window
And the birth of a brand new day

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