A Breaking Wave, prose by Kajal at Spilwords.com
Kelly Sikkema

A Breaking Wave

A Breaking Wave

written by: Kajal



That’s how forgetting works. The thing about forgetting is, you can choose the what, when, and who. You can forget whatever you want to. Memory doesn’t work this way. It’s hard, almost impossible to remember something you want to, at the moment. But forgetting is simple, it’s easy, it’s generous.

You can build a wall around the memory and keep it shut behind the fragile glass, glass is always fragile; no matter if it’s around memory or a thought. It’s always easy to bolt the doors and put a ‘restricted area’ sign around it, provided, you don’t go around looking for restricted doors.

It can be a coping mechanism or need of the hour. The only thing common here is, memory is always yours. Lost one, constantly a reminder on your skin, a happy thought or screaming moments, all of this is yours. It’s a curse in a blessing.

The most wonderful thing about restricted memory is, you can always go back and remember it, only if you want to. But, the buts remain. Purposefully or by chance, if you stumble upon such a memory, it’s never the original one. Words always are lost during translation. Such memory is the reinvented one.
A long-forgotten one, a memory or a moment, can’t be lived again.

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