A Child, a poetry written by Miss Kanishka at Spillwords.com

A Child

A Child

written by: Miss Kanishka


I hanker to write
I inked many of my opines
But still, I don’t know why
Today I wanted to write about a child.

‘A child’, the name itself throws light
On the face with tension free smile.
A life with full kosher type,
Hight with insane sight;
That saw all the legendary laws
Which was never in the way, wrong.

It’s written with the keys
Typed with letters
If you can see the feelings here
Then definitely you would be
in imagination
When you were a child
with all the qualities I tried to write.

If you think it was the best time
Then let’s bring that memory lane
And give it again our lives.
Why don’t we become pure?
Why can’t we adore?
If we inculcate it all
Then we will be a child
With all those beautiful flaws
And lunatic positive thoughts
A child is full of.

Decisions are totally yours,
If you want to time travel
Then this is the way out of all.
Why depend on technology
When we can reshape psychology.

A child is a pure heart,
No lies, no stress
and no bleak scars.
There’s just peace like stars.
A child is all about a precious collage
With all the best designed glass.

Why don’t we become that child again?
Why can’t we rewind to be a child?
Why be called matured after that time,
When all the dirt stars living in veins?
Let’s travel the time,
Let’s become again a child.

Let’s change our thinking,
Let’s change our profile,
Take a step to be like a child.

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