A Christmas Wish, a poem by Jane Briganti at Spillwords.com
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A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish

written by: Jane Briganti


A Merry Christmas Wish to all of you
Family and friends both old and new
To people I know or have yet to meet
To passersby along the street

Enjoy the holidays with shimmering lights
Keep cozy and warm on these wintery nights
Hold on to the hands of those you love
Remember those in Heaven above

Say goodbye to troubles in the past
The New Year 2021 is coming fast
May health and happiness fill your days
And love surround you a thousand ways

Celebrate life with family and friends
And if you’ve argued make amends
Sing holiday songs of love and joy
Toast to good health and just enjoy

The stroke of midnight brings a new year
A champagne toast and holiday cheer
Hear the distant church bells ring
Share the joy…ding, dong, ding!

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