A Conversation with The Universe, poetry by Olivia Todd at Spillwords.com
Matt Palmer

A Conversation with The Universe

A Conversation with The Universe

written by: Olivia Todd



If I could levitate above the noise
of the climate debate to sit with you,
the humble universe, giant and diverse.
What message would you deliver?

Would it be wrapped in plastic—pre-packaged?
Would it be carved on ivory tusks?
Would it be stamped in a mountain of soot?
Would you spell it out using rare raindrops
bordered by shrivelled leaves of dying crops?
Would you form letters with the bones of birds?
Would you send a lightning bolt scroll
that me and my mare would witness,
muscles quivering, nostrils flared
releasing an explosive snort?

Would we talk over coke,
darker than palm oil,
and watch the last ice cubes disintegrate?

Your ozone skin,
thinner than a spider’s web,
Ultraviolet rays penetrate their holes.
Dare we acknowledge the fact that cancer
consumes everything?
It is more present than trees
or ecosystems.
Your snail-paced orbit is dizzying.
If you had eyes, they’d be dimmed;
an eclipse of total resignation.

Universe, you have no message for me.
You have no message for humanity.
Because you know
we always fail to listen.

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