A Date With Dad, a poem by Jill Sharon Kimmelman at Spillwords.com
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A Date With Dad

A Date With Dad

written by: Jill Sharon Kimmelman


Hugging the green glass counter
staring at the chocolate drops, tiny caramel cakes
sugared mango bites, oh so much more
smells sweet fragrant,
a gaily painted sign just above the entrance to
that magical store

I am a little girl again waiting for my dad
our weekly father daughter date
bikes parked outside the kitchen door

A treasure-trove of memories abound
my dreams deliver grand delights
tastes images stored, now found
the sights, those smells, that joyful chatter
a delicious chorus of blissful sounds

Spanish oranges dipped in chocolate, doily-graced trays
always enticing
jelly beans, a rainbow of colors, flavors, butter-sticky
popcorn cones
everywhere I looked, all so tempting
and inviting

Weighing a bounty of treasures, breathtaking
to behold
it was serious business to consider for any lucky
seven year old

A sunny Saturday morn, autumn days long
gone by
dad’s great big hand in mine, his smile as broad
as the Texas sky

Questions, questions, questions
should I fill my small bag with
melty peanut butter cups, jelly beans galore
or colored licorice ropes?
delectable choices surrounding me, toying with my
young greedy hopes

Remembering those extra large cookies, how they dazzled with
colorful confetti sprinkles
or the old standby, Black and Whites, all the way from Brooklyn
Dad’s face displays his great pleasure
I still see his face, dancing emerald eyes
all a twinkle

Transfixed by glorious confections
over at the soda fountain, a white-capped boy preparing
one of his “super dreamy” ice cream inventions

More than a dozen flavors to choose from
toppings in colors aplenty, clouds of whipped cream
scented of summer ripe berries
a masterpiece of sweetness, crowned with
a single bright-stemmed glistening maraschino cherry

Polished like shellac giant twirl pops striped in
pinks, yellows, blues, greens,
a dizzy-making rainbow straight out of my
technicolor dreams

Who could create such exquisite delights?
none other than the jovial, elfin fairy-tale
bakers, from the pages of children’s storybooks
brought magically to life

Let’s go now Dad, still waiting for you
I’m aiming to match you lick-for-lick
in a twirl pop competition
or perhaps today, we’ll be adventurous
perhaps today, we’ll try something new

Those jolly storekeeper’s had the patience
of smiling saints
treating all to a blast of “conditioned air”
while we lingered and mingled,
dreaming, debating, finally deciding on a few treats
together we could share

I’m an old lady now, rarely indulge in childhood
yet, tell the truth, who among us can resist such
magical treats?

Wondrous ways to tempt and tantalize
remembering it all through a child’s eyes.

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