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A Dream I Dreamt

written by: Broken Montague


I woke up from a dream,
From a very bad dream.
There, I saw myself;
A broken side of myself.
I ran so fast,
But my breath couldn’t last.
I shouted names,
That my weary heart exclaims.
I phoned someone at home,
Few more hours before gloam.
But no one seems to hear,
All of these seem unclear.
I ran from side to side,
I hopped on a bike and ride.
But I couldn’t see someone,
I could hear no one.
I felt my eyes were drenched in tears,
This is one of my childhood fears.
I don’t even want to call it my own,
‘Coz I don’t want to be alone.
I was trembling so hard,
In this fear, I was forever barred.
I am dreadfully scared,
In this fear, I will forever be entangled.
“Good Lord, do I only exist in dreams?”,
My weary, troubled mind screams.
“And if I only exist there,
Am I a daydream or a nightmare?”
I sat down at the edge of the sidewalk,
Bowed down my head, to God, I talk.
I ask for this emptiness to be filled,
And this nightmare to disappear.
Should’ve forgiven myself for hurting,
And let go all the pain I am still holding.
If given a chance again to wake up,
I will let loose all the burden of this break-up.
Should be satisfied without your presence,
And I should be happy with your absence.
Even if I wake up, I am still alone,
At least, I will be happily alone.

Broken Montague

Broken Montague

Broken Montague is an educator from the Philippines. He is a beginner in writing poems. His experiences enabled him to write whatever words that come to his mind. He used his broken past to pen his emotions and his soul as well. Broken Montague is a dreamer and a believer of LOVE. This is the primary concepts of his poems because he believes that love is great in all forms.
Broken Montague

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