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A Farewell

written by: Roshni Kapoor


Sleep, my little one, beneath those dark wings
Cares not this world for a smile so true
Life's a blessing, those were your words
Oh! dear, then why this haste, to say adieu

I stand here, with no words or flowers
As you bid farewell, to all of us
Your trials end here, so say the wise
Yet it hurts li'l one, why you and not us

Prayers I offer, that’s my parting gift
As you make your way to your new morn
Radiant and lively, just as you dreamt
But till then, sleep little one...

Roshni Kapoor

Roshni Kapoor

A software professional on a career break, she finds writing a wonderful way to express herself. She's been a logophile since childhood and is ever intrigued by the mysteries surrounding us. She believes in the power of imagination and the beauty of poetic verses.
Roshni Kapoor

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