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A Father Acts

A Father Acts

written by: Jacob Damstra



He is wise
yet his wisdom comes
not from the advice
he gives but from

He speaks
yet comments he makes
are not to seek
approval but to state
his position

He is strong
yet his strength is built
not just along
his muscles but with filled
heart and mind

He leads
yet his leadership is
not words he speaks
through orders but his

He is skilled
yet his talents are honed
not by mere will
or wishes but by his own
hard efforts

He serves
yet his service is not
to be observed
and thanked but to plot
a better world

He is kind
yet his kindness grows
not designed
to earn because he knows
his obligation

He acts
yet actions he takes
do not slack
for he knows focus makes

He is dad
yet a father he is
not by his blood
and genes but by his
selfless love

A father acts
and I will too
I’ll walk the tracks
to best be for you
A Father

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