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A Girl Five Feet Ten Inches Tall

A Girl Five Feet Ten Inches Tall

written by: Bitupan Das


A girl 5 feet 10 inches tall,
Japanese GUDIA eyes,
Plays obviously “Basketball”,
She even scores the half court,
Scores directly through my heart,
Her eyes only to my heart,
Yes, she is the winner,
And I lose my heart.

A girl 5 feet 10 inches tall,
Plays tabla,
When we meet in the hallway,
Heartbeats like that,
She knows the rhythm,
She knows all my beats,
Only she can sync,
Plays my heart with her soft velvet hands,
Whenever she wants and whenever her hands are free.

A girl 5 feet 10 inches tall,
She writes poems,
She makes my lips sing,
Like a Mockingbird,
She makes my feet dance,
Like a Manakin,
Hand around her waist
I don’t know if it is a dream!
Real like the twelve point five six millimeter square mole
On her left arm,
That I think I can see!

A girl 5 feet 10 inches tall,
I don’t know her weight,
But her smile is enough,
To make me keep flying,
Drinking her lips,
We can fly on,
Up above the sky,
From sky to sky,
Is there anything!
Let’s see!

A girl 5 feet 10 inches tall,
With her high heels,
Two point two inches plus,
Now, 6 point zero two inches tall,
I don’t think,
Now, I don’t need any weather report!
Because she carries it in her blue scratch jeans pant pocket,
And she plays with the dark, gray, white clouds,
In the playground of,
Wrinkling skin, blue, old fat sky,
Brings the rain into my life.
When our bodies smell of hunger,
To eat each other’s lust,
From lips to toes of the feet.
And she breaks the black clouds
To bring laughter into my world,
Our world.

And this is the story of my 5 feet 10 inches tall girl.
Now, I’m waiting for her in the hallway,
Wearing the same red color of romance,
When we first met.

Bitupan Das

Bitupan Das

Hi, I'm Bitupan Das, born and brought up in a small city Jorhat, India. Mechanical Engineer by profession, Art lover by heart. And sometimes, I like to do everything. I write poems, stories, play cricket, entrepreneur, introvert. Above all I just like do thinking and thinking. So, deep thinker and dreamer. And I want to change the world with my ideas.
Bitupan Das

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