A Graveyard Full of Roses, written by Neeraj Kumar at Spillwords.com

A Graveyard Full of Roses

 A Graveyard Full of Roses

written by: Neeraj Kumar


Boiling from the inside
Smiling from the outside
I find out I am
Mad but Calm down
So silent but so loud

I feel every inch of myself
But I only tell you what I am not
‘Cause you only love me for my surface
But will hate me for my inside

Come close to me
If only you not fear burning
I love you all too much to be honest
But if you want me to be me
I wish you better just flee

Burning is my life’s policy
But from the surface
You only see the light
Never you get to feel
The heat of volcanoes
Erupting from my insides

I hide the bitter truth
And showcase only
The sugar coated lies
Know me well
To find out
That I am hell
A total wasteland
From the inside
Though a garden
Full of roses outside

Whatever you perceive
Is an illusion at perfection
A soft sweet voice overlapping
Loud Hues and cries

Perceive the perception as truth
And you will find
A human so kind to others
But himself pricked and stung
Way too many times

Sting me like a bee
And I will provide you with honey
Hurt me like hell and I will
Make you feel all too well
I feed on poisons
And offer antidotes to you
I put myself in hell
To bring your
Heaven on earth
Come true.



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