A Groveling of Worms, a poem by Melyssa G. Sprott at Spillwords.com
Nasik Lababan

A Groveling of Worms

A Groveling of Worms

written by: Melyssa G. Sprott


Staring at the asphalt,
wondering what’s beneath—
a thousand rabid earthworms
with shiny, little teeth.

Treading with caution,
listening for the call.
They writhe under my feet,
waiting for me to fall.

Running from the asphalt,
knowing what’s underneath—
a thousand swarming earthworms,
all waiting for me.

Scampering gingerly,
in hopes of going unheard.
They scream for me unending,
without saying a word.

Hiding from the asphalt,
knowing what’s beneath—
a thousand deadly earthworms,
patiently they seethe.

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