A Halloween Wedding, a poem by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com
A Koolshooter

A Halloween Wedding

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



The fields are alive with October’s Mist
Which fell upon the earth so silently
The huge ol’ castle is bustling inside
As a Halloween Wedding sings vibrantly

Cordelia the Witch and Zephyr the Warlock
are about to be joined as one
A marriage born within the Halls of Darkness
Nurtured from the bowels of Hell

Halloween! Halloween! This perfect night of Love
So toxic, so ghastly, as Satan hovers above
So evil, so sinful, so perverted and vile
The bride and the groom about to stroll down the aisle

Cordelia all smiles in black satin and lace
Zephyr a Star in black pinstripe and hat
Her head adorned with black bows and a veil
His hands bearing rose petals for the Devil’s Lair

Together they stood before the Evil one
Who chanted Satanic scripture from the Book of Sin
They joined hands as they wed at the darkest hour of the night
Two serpents locking tongues with a grin

Was it true love for Cordelia and Zephyr?
Or was fire and brimstone in wait?
Only Satan himself was the omnipotent one
As he placed them under his spell of ill-fate

They danced to the music of Lucifer’s Waltz
Each step a violent game
Satan tainted their union with wickedness
While they twirled and cried out in shame

For Cordelia and Zephyr were ne’er in accord
As Satan was defeated on this Halloween night
Though their costumes, their smiles, told a tale “he” adored
Their pure hearts turned his darkness to light

He disappeared fast into one ball of fire
They fell to their knees in delight
…Cordelia opened her eyes, Zephyr asleep by her side,
feeling Blessed a Halloween dream made it right!



A Halloween Wedding officiated by the Devil himself??? – Not the best choice for such a beautiful, joyous occasion…However, to their delight, the pure-hearted Cordelia the Witch and Zephyr the Warlock were actually saved by a Halloween dream. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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