A Hole in The Sole, a poem by Diane Leopard at Spillwords.com

A Hole in The Sole

A Hole in The Sole

written by: Diane Leopard



The sole of my shoe lets water thru
My feet get wet, sore and blue
I wonder what I should do?
I’ll polish the leather so they look shiny and new
Then no-one will know there’s a hole in my sole.

I could visit the cobbler
For a patch on my shoe,
Then the world will think they’re brand new
The hole in my sole will always be there
But no-one else knows what’s inside my shoe

I’ll keep my sole hidden firmly from view
So, next time you see shoes shiny and new,
Remember a hole in the sole
could be hiding from you!



I wrote this poem after contemplating the ways we often keep our true feelings of physical and emotional discomfort hidden from other people.

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